Monday, June 27, 2011

Bee Flowers and a Good Laugh!

Well, this weekend was spent shearing alpacas, checking on some hives, and on sunday driving around on the fourwheeler looking at bee forage.

Here is a picture of Reggie our alpaca, with Rockie behind him... Kinda a cross between a poodle and a deer...LOL

Here are a few pictures of somewhat unknown plants my bees work like crazy. I believe the pink flower is spotted knapweed, the white things i have no idea but i have about 10 acres of it in the hay fields, and of course the ole sourwood!

The bees work the white field bell flowers like crazy in the evening as well as what seems to be the thisle all day. Im not sure about the Sourwood trees... i will be digging up some of the sourwood saplings shortly to relocate closer.

BTW DONT CUT YOUR WEEDS... they probably are bee plants...

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  1. The picture of your alpaca didn't post. You have my curiosity now of what it looked like after you were done shearing!