Friday, June 10, 2011

Bee Equipment, Small Hive Beetles, and Cows

Well, Bees, SHB's, and Cows are not related and they dont go together. But i wanted to update everyone on a few things.

First here is a wondeful article about Small Hive Beetles...

Second, The Virginia State Beekeeping meeting is being held on June 17th & 18th, i will be going both days...

Third and MOST Important, i have made some WONDERFUL friends since i started keeping bees. Recently i had some timing issues with some queens that were expected to arrive (they havnt yet) and i was lacking bottom boards. I havnt had a chance to make them like i had planned. Well i sent out an email asking for a few able bodies to help me build them. Many responded and i truley appreciate everyones willingness to help. But in the end i asked 3 gentlemen come over to help. We had a great time even if it was a little hot. It just goes to show how great of a community and world we still live in!!!

Well the way i was cutting my screen for my bottom boards was not all that effcient or great. So one of my friends took it upon himself to build me a wonderful "screen cutting jig". Its awesome. Not only that he and another good friend came over while i was at work this week and cut 50 pieces of screen with it!!!

I hope to one day pay all my friends back for everything they do for me. I do truely appreciate them all! Thank Yall!!!

Here are two pics of the jig:

BTW, i also have a steer calf now i bought from some of my good bee friends... Here are some pics i took recently.

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  1. How old is the steer calf? Is that going to be hamburger and steaks in the future?