Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Living bees and Cluster Size

After this weekend i got a few emails regarding some very small cluster and many dead bees on the bottom boards or out front. My comment in a nut shell, if they are still living leave them, some bees over winter in really small clusters (Russians are a prime example). My bees were very activly flying and so far i still have 100% of my hives living and activly cleaning the hives on the warm days. I see no room for worry and am very pleased after this weekend, IF i make it thorugh this witner with zero losses it will be 2 solid winters with ZERO losses, i must be hearing my bees right or maybe i am just lucky.... you never know with bees. LOL

Anyway, here is a picture of my typical cluster size it seems, but thats only a guess really. You can see about 3 solid frames of bees in the picture but the cluster is actually about 5 frames... This is a VSH line of bees with some dark and some yellow bees...

None of this really means anything at all, but it is neat to see with the plexi covers...

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