Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Breeder Found for Hard To Find Bee Lines!!!!!!

I have found a new breeder of what i call hard to find Queen Lines while browsing Bee-source. I do not know their reputation etc so purchase at your own risk. However, based solely on their website etc i feel comfortable enough where i might purchase a few AMM (the ole German black bee...) to try. However, the AMM's have their own set of "issues" and i will need to keep them away (about 5-10 miles) from my home "typical" bee yard to avoid cross breeding and any issues until i understand them personally.

Since most of you are just getting started this year, i would recommend sticking with the typical gentle proven performance of a Minnesota Hygienic, VSH, Italian, or Carnolian line of bees for at-least your first year. Then if you decide to "play" a little then you can venture into the "other" strains if you want until you find YOUR perfect bee line.

The reason i suggest this is your mentor and or people your talking with very well may not be familiar with the "specifics" of your strain and this could make it difficult for you to understand whats going on and how to successfully manage your hive. So stick with whats known first...

I hope this makes sense.

However, if you have already have bees and want to expand your genetic pool this could be another source. Do your research and make sure its right for you.

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