Friday, January 7, 2011

Just some warm weather thoughts... thinking about spring

People often talk about an easier way to feed. Well open feeding gets brought up, alot of the "Big Guys" use 55 gallon drums. Is it the best way, maybe not. But it is sure quick, easy, and awesome to watch.

I use it as a bump along feed method after the nectar flow and before serious individual fall feeding, or to make sure the hives stay "topped off" just prior to winter.

You need to make sure there is something the bees can sit on as not to drown. Packing peanuts are always mentioned but i am cheap, so i stuff tons of brush limbs in my bucket instead...

A few words of advice is place it about 100 yards or so away from your hives if possible and never have a walking path between the pail and hives as a huge super bee highway will be created...

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