Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some Life Thoughts

I know this isn’t bee related, but… this is something I have believed and experienced since I was young and something I believe is important in life.
We are here for such a short time on this earth, to be with loved ones, family, and experience life. Life is a gift, so we should enjoy it as such.
I often tell folks that you better enjoy what you do no matter what it is, because you can’t buy back time with money, life is only experienced in the present and nothing else.
Many folks I see work jobs they hate, doing it for the money they say. But what is money really? When you’re at work you’re selling your life to the company, that’s all it is. Although I enjoy my work, the folks I work with, etc. It is NOT my life, I am not an Engineer I am and a Doug first and foremost, what I do is Engineering. I only work because I want to provide for my family, but the truth is I spend more time (we all do) at work or going to work that I spend awake with my family… think about that…
I also see people change who they are to fit in, to make someone else happy, to get a job etc. This will never end good, it will always end in defeat. Yes we can change putting the toilet seat down, helping more around the house, stop cursing, drinking, etc. But we have to be true to ourselves.
Through my short time on this earth, I have talked to people that have moved away from home to do something “better”, sure it turns out ok sometimes, but more times than not people stay unhappy for 30 years working for some company, then they move back.
Look at the average life span after retirement? My company sends out a magazine that has obituaries in the back of it that also show when that person retired… many times people have only been retired for about 10 years! 10 years folks. So we spend 30 years (our best 30 years) of life working all the time for money. For things we think we need. Then we get 10 years of most likely aches and pains, we cant ski, we cant hunt like we used, we cant go hiking, etc.
We have to work, we have to provide for our families, but we also MUST make sure we enjoy life while we are able and never regret not doing anything. Work a little, save a little, but make sure your have a TON of fun.
In my case I will be 30 years old this year, have 5 years with the company, fully vested in the pension plan at 55 yrs old (if that even exist when I get there), will be 55 yrs old with 30 yrs service, and just last year they bumped the retirement age for medical to 58 from 55… this means in the next 25 years most likely medical will be at 65… so my plans are to make sure I am debt free by 53 or before and work on my terms. I see so many folks my age and younger who are not preparing for the future, not putting into their 401k (if that’s there in 25 years anyway…) but making no provisions to be debt free, they continue to buy fancy homes rolling over the equity into a bigger home for another 30 years with no thoughts of how are they going to pay that payment at 70 years old…

Anyway folks, that’s enough rambling. But PLEASE make sure your enjoying life and being true to yourself and others…

All spawned by Dan Tyminski:


  1. Nice post. Sustainable farming guru Joel Salatin, said that people say to go out and get a "real job" instead of farm. He said a "real job" is one with lots of vacation, meaning a "real job" is one that you don't have to go to very often! As he would say, why not have a job that you enjoy doing? This came to my mind when I read your post.

    Thanks for sharing the song. Nothing better than good bluegrass music. I guess this would be more country, but still just as good. Do you play any instruments? I play the guitar and bass guitar. I was just curious if you played anything.


  2. Dan Tyminski is Bluegrass... he ha played with Allison Krauss for a very long time and on many projects.

    You would enjoy Bluegrass Junction on Xm or Serrus Satilite radio...

    I dont play anything, although my dad plays guitar. i ahvea banjo but never pull it out...

    did you want to go to the Sheep Seminar on saturday at Va Tech?