Monday, January 30, 2012

Early Spring or Winter NEVER-land?

Early Spring or Winter NEVER-land?

So as many folks on the east coast can attest to we have had a VERY mild winter thus far… Based on my count the maples have bloomed now 3 times since November alone and I now see the elms budding slightly.
The hives seem to be very healthy. I have been keeping fondant on them since they are using a lot of stores during this warm but nectar-less time. However, they have slowed greatly, but I anticipate brood rearing will really get going now since this week will be in the 60’s all week and pollen is coming in.

I will continue to feed fondant as needed since as they hatch more and more brood they will consume more and more honey… after all most starvation cases occur during the months of February and March…
I have heard a number of folks report “healthy” looking hives with great populations. I am glad folks are actually looking and not assuming, many of those same folks are also watchful of light hives and have mentioned they will feed fondant if needed.

On Saturday I watched a number of hives flying strong collecting water and maple pollen, although it seemed more were carrying water than pollen…
I have yet to break apart frames, I normally don’t do this until mid feb on warm days, but it’s been so warm I could have.
So what are you seeing?

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