Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Queen Installation and Acceptance?

Well i recieved 3 VP Open Mated Queens yesterday and installed them in my previously made 10 frame splits that had been queenless for 24 hours. They were solid strong splits made via a 50/50 split process. Pretty simple,place two empty bottoms and boxes on the ground beside you, find the queen and remember which box you put her in and basically one frame in that box and one frame in this box. A 50/50 split.

I then feed the QUEEN-RIGHT hive a pollen pattie and syrup while adding an upper deep of foundation. I take the QUEEN-LESS split and place another deep of 8 frames foundation leaving the center two frames out. This gives me room to place the queen cage on top of the bottom frames as seen in the picture below. Once the queen is released in about 3-4 days i simple remove the cage, add a pollen pattie, install a in-hive feeder or install 2 frames and a hive top feeder, depending on the feeder im using.

Anyway, below is a picture after about 15 seconds of laying the queen cage down in the hive. you can see the bees welling up around her passing around her pheromone! They were truley excited to have a queen. The top of the frames where empty of bees prior to laying the queen down...

Pretty neat!!!

BTW, my Dann Purvis queens arrived this afternoon and will be installed them this evening or tommorow depending on how much of this heat i can handle...

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