Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bees Running Off the Comb

well today I recieved my Purvis queens and went to make my splits.

The first went ok, found the queen etc, but I noticed the bees would
run off the comb out of the hive body and pile up on the top edge and
sides like a swarm would. They would do this in both the queenless and
queen right portion. Basically empting the hive of bees and leaving
brood frames. I was able to finish the first split and eventually they
all went back in amd settled down.

Moved on to the second hive and started making the split. This hive was worse. Eventually it got to the point there was no need to continue since every frame I pulled had no bees on it, so I couldn’t find the queen anyway. So I had two boxes with basically swarms of bees festooning on the outside of the boxes. While working this hive I started hearing thunder in the background behind me. Since everything was so bad and no chance of finding the queen, I put the boxes back together, scooped the bees into the hive and closed it up and went inside. In about 30 minutes or less the storm came which had heavy lightening, thunder, and rains for about an hour.

All I can figure is the bees acted this way due to the approaching storm.

Any thoughts?

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