Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Awe Inspiring Video!

I watched this video in awe and faded back to my younger years (yes i have younger years) in which i used to stop and smell the roses, now i just seem to walk past them... it made me remember the younger me fascinated with everything natural from digging holes to catching caterpillars to keep and hatch. I guess this is why i am into bees so much.

But what this video also made me do is think once more if i am doing right by my family and life. Do i have too much going on and rush through my chores instead of spending the time sitting and relaxing watching time go by, looking and watching the sky and stars, am i spending enough time with my girls? I don't know if it was the video or just me, but it had me almost teary eyed with wonder and thought.

Should i cut back? i don't spend a whole lot of time on my hobbies, but they keep me busy enough to mold my schedule. Should i cut back. I have things pretty efficient nowadays with watering and fencing etc? I maybe spend 30 mins an evening with them. But should i be more focused? would i be happier? i don't know for sure. I am a busy body by nature and on a rainy day even while doing things indoors that need to be done, find my self anxious to get outside and work. So i cant say if i would be happier with less. With summer and the girls growing up they can "help" me, and enjoy feeding the piggies and baby chickens, this i find a wonderful things and need to do more of.

But i still wonder is life passing me by with out be even glancing as it passes?



  1. I also watched that video this week. It is amazing.

    After seeing all the things you are doing, I have asked you the same questions, and I don't have an answer. There is no right or wrong.

    I will tell you this, that as your girls grow and they "help" you with feeding the piggies and baby chickens, and spending time with you doing things outside, and learn those basic of skills of raising an animal or fixing something, it is those memories that will last a lifetime for them. It is those times spent doing the things with you that will remain in their memory for ever. That is the best gift you can give your children.

  2. You work in a cube, but you come home to wife, children, bees, piggies, llamas, et al. How many of your cubemates go from their office cube, to their car cube, to their house cube and sit in front of the tv cube? They are the ones letting life pass them by without glancing.

    You can't be a super dad 100% of the time. You have to tend to your own soul if you are to nurture others. Just consider yourself lucky your kids think piggies are cute. Finding that common interest with the kids isn't always so easy.