Thursday, May 12, 2011

2 more new hives

Went to New Kent yesterday after work to my parents place. He has 4 full size hives and 1 recent swarm hive. One of his hives he has been cutting swarm cells out for 3 weeks now trying to push them for honey. Well upon inspection to make a split as he was tired of digging into it every week, the hive had 2 full mediums of honey, about 10 swarm cells capped, and i found one OPENED queen cell. Upon further inspection as by looking at this hive you would have never known it had swarmed, i got luckly and found the virgin queen! Anyway, since they were still cramed i went ahead and made an 8 frame medium split with all the swarm cells.

The next hive was fine and moving along drawing out a super and storing a little honey right now.

The next one was borderline swarming, say some backfilling but hes going to push it a little too, i will probably go back in 2 weeks and make a split.

The next hive which has been hanging out front during the rain and cold (see pic below) was working on super foundation and had 3 swarm cells, 2 capped and open being extended, so i made an 8 frame medium split as well on this one and dispersed the foundation frames in the middle brood nest to open it up. Even after splitting heavy the hive still sat out front heavy even when i left at 8:30... pretty wild really.

His recent swarm he got at my Grandma's has brood and doing fine, other than building comb every which way but on the foundation...LOL that will be fixed later as they grow and can handle comb removal... they seemed to build comb between the foundation...

I now have 32 hives...

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