Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ventilated Bee Suits

Well, i ordered my ventilated bee suit from Golden Bee out of LA.

A friend of mine bought one for Christmas and brought it to the Powhatan meeting last week. I must say all my concerns about the hood were gone. It is an odd shape much like a cylinder, but compared to the "other" brand which uses the "floppy" type of hood that my cheap back-up jacket has, i am happy. I hate a hood that flops around...

Golden Bee's hood uses a "sweat band" on the inside to hold the hood stable and in place. It's A Ok in my book.

I look forward to spending this August etc in a pair of shorts and short sleeve shirt NOT sweating to death in my new ventilated suit!

Its well worth the money.


  1. I'm a newbee at this, and will be getting my hives in April. I bought Golden Bee suit too. Everyone else who has posted about the suits has said they've never been stung through the mesh. What is your experience with it?

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