Monday, February 14, 2011


·         I hope everyone noticed this weekend that the Maples are BLOOMING!!!!! The bee year has begun. Brood rearing which started in small batches back in January will now start increasing in size with the natural foraged for pollen coming in the front door. Maple pollen is like a greyish green color

This is great, but remember this is now the time of year where your chance of starvation is greatest. The hives will increase in size and food demand will increase, so keep paying close attention and add fondant patties as needed BEFORE they need it. You have made it this far so don’t slack in the home stretch we still have another month to month and half to go before the nectar flow begins…

Yesterday’s observation made my day. I feel like a kid in a candy store especially with this warm week allowing the bees to take full advantage of the maple bloom!

·         Also don’t forget the Buckingham Bee Class on Supercedure, Swarm behavior, and Splitting will be on Wednesday night at 6:30 at the Buckingham County Ext office. This is the last intense portion of the class series.

o   The remaining two sessions will be on Alternative hives and Methods in March (Top Bar Hives, Ware’ Hives, Foundationless Langs, and Small Cell Beekeeping). The March class is to expose you to other ways of keeping bees you will bound to hear about while reading and talking to folks.

o   Then of course the Hand’s On Session at my house (10 miles directly east of the Buckingham Ext Office) in late March/First of April weather dependent. This last session will be primarily for the folks who spent the time and dedication attending the bee classes. However, with my approval others may attend IF we have room. I have to make sure we have a good teacher:student ratio so everyone can learn and see.

§  If an experienced beekeeper or beekeepers would be willing to donate their time one Saturday or Sunday at my house and guide a group in a live hive we will be able to handle more students… Let me know if you’re interested.

§  Bringing your OWN protective equipment is REQUIRED!!! You will NOT be able to even “stand back” and view us without your OWN protective equipment. Everyone will be required to wear protective equipment.

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