Monday, April 30, 2012

Any thoughts?

I know its been a while since i posted something bee related... been so busy with a new house (closing today), selling nucs, and recently severe arm pain... Here is one image from my MRI i think is odd and might be the problem... see that shaded area on my spinal cord?
Any thoughts?

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  1. Hi Doug,
    Wow that is a disconcerting spinal pic. I don't know what's causing the shaded areas, but I did have a bone graft to replace the disk at C5-C6. My pics also showed "narrowing" (in one place) into the spinal column. They used words that means pressure on it called "stenosis". It is my understanding that it can lead to paralysis if left untreated (and the surgery to remove a disk and replace with a bone piece, also carries that risk).
    The first symptom I had was intense pain in my upper arm. Like after a tetanous shot, or like someone was constantly pressing into my arm with a 1"-2" diameter stick!

    Some people though it might be bursitis (I was only 30 then, though). I went for 13 months from first symptoms to a diagnosis (surgery a month after that). By the end, I had constant pain in the SIDE of my neck, where I felt I had to support my head with my hand almost constantly (hard to do with 2 year-old twins), and had begun to have trouble pulling a shirt over my head.

    Whatever is going on with your spine, I would encourage you to pursue an answer as quickly as you can.
    Good luck!!!