Thursday, October 13, 2011


So i will be honest, i need to do an updated post regarding my hive inspections last weekend, but i need to find the time to do so in detail...

Anyway, i was reading an article on the Black Plague and came upon this quote which i felt spoke to the current issues our bees face today, or what some people call CCD...

"You had an immune-compromised population living in London under stressful conditions who were then hit with a new pathogen," Hendrik Poinar, a co-author of the paper and an evolutionary geneticist at McMaster University, told USA Today"

I have always believed and still do that CCD is nothing more than stress, bad health, poor feed, and new pest.

As many of you know, if you have talked to me in person, i believe the die offs etc are nothing more than stress caused by a poor food supply, so many of todays locations are limited and maintained by us humans, such as mono-culture farms, lawns cut every week, hedge rows sprayed, and fields cut 3-4times a year. Weeds (diverse flora) no longer exist. I was told a few years back by my mentor (while saying she should cut her field), that "this overgrown field provides more forage than a planted field of clover". She is right and i have seen it, i now cherish the 2-3 year old uncut fields around my house.

Anyway, just figured i would post something related to both bees and humans... i have long said humans will perish the same as the bees when not fed correctly, not maintained correctly when needed, and a new pest comes along... heck look at most of the American population these days...


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  2. Right on. I would also add 'new pesticides' to the list of the things that, when taken all together, are probably the cause of CCD.