Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another new addition to the farm

Well some how i got pawned by my wife to purchase yet another Alpaca...

Her name is Laverne and she will be bred prior to us getting her. She will be pastured with Rocky and Reggie our current Alapcas...

If this keeps up i might have to sell some hives...LOL just kidding...


  1. Wow so cool! We just got two male alpacas and we are loving them. We're thinking about doing bees too, we may have to go to one of your classes though because we have no idea where to start. (We're in Buckingham too).

  2. Check out furbelowfarms in goochland for alpacas they have great deals.

    Your more than welcome to stop by anytime and work bees with me. We are also having the first and very informal buckingham bee club meeting tommorow night at 7pm at depot diner in dillwyn.

    Shoot me an email at dougladd@gmail.com and ill add you to the bee emails.

    We are working currently on the next class schedule but I dont think ot will start until sometime in august.

  3. What do you plan to do with the Alpacas? I was reading the first comment below and was going to mention furbelowfarms, but you mentioned it in your comment. Ginger from Furbelowfarms is my oldest boys bus driver, so we see her every day!