Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Plexiglass Inner Covers

I am planning on using these to montior moisture levels in 6 of my hives since i DONT ventilate the top part of my hives. Last year i had great success not ventilating the top and want to confirm some other thoughts that can be seen on Dennis Murrell's site http://beenatural.wordpress.com/natural-beekeeping/observations/condensation/ ...


  1. I look forward to learning if you like these covers. I like the idea of seeing your hive's strength by just lifting the top cover.

  2. I love your Blog! Keep going! Susi

  3. Thanks. I just took pictures of the covers below freezing...but I can't figure how to upload them yet from my cell phone.for some reason it won't let me click on the picture button. Worst case il get it monday.

    Btw the vsba meeting was excellent.i got to talk one on one with randy oliver for a few hours and got invited to fly out to visit his operation in ca... I plan on hitting the high points on this post and during the next meeting.