Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Buckingham Bee Classes

I will be putting on a 3 part Beginners Bee Class at the Buckingham County Extension Office.

All classes will begin at 6:30 pm and run till about 9:00 pm depending on content and questions etc. The April class is still up in the air right now...

More information will follow but i wanted to get this out here so people can start making plans.

If you have any question please feel free to contact me.

Here is the basic Agenda:

December 15th:

·         Introduction to Bee Keeping [Books, Websites, What to expect](10 minutes)
·         Basic Bee Keeping Equipment and Terminology (60 minutes)
o    Hive Bodies
o    Supers
o    Frames
o    Foundation
o    Bottom Board
o    Inner and Outer Cover
o    Feeders
·         The Colony (Queen, Drone, and Workers) (30 minutes)
·         Basic “How To” Hive Inspection (30 minutes)
·         Q&A (20 minutes)

January 12th:

·         Recap of December’s Class (10 minutes)
·         Detailed Hive Inspection (60 minutes)
o   Disease
o   Pest
o   Seasonal Changes
·         The Colony (Queen, Drone, and Workers) (10 minutes)
o   Breeds
·         Hive Expansion (40 minutes)
o   Basic Splits
o   Basic Queen Breeding “Things to Know”
·         Q&A (30 minutes)

February 16th: (I would like to highlight that Mark Bennett the General Manager of Dadant in Chatham VA will be onsite taking orders for equipment and package bees)

·         Recap of January’s Class (10 minutes)
·         Packages vs. Nucs (30 minutes)
o   Package Installation
o   Nuc Installation
o   Getting them off on the right foot
·         Review of basic equipment needed for ordering (30 minutes)
·         Ordering Equipment with Mark Bennett from Dadant (30 minutes)
·         Ordering Packages with Mark Bennett from Dadant (30 minutes)
·         Q&A (20 minutes)

April ??th: (Sometime before the second week in April, but no earlier than the end of March (weather dependent), which is usually when the first packages arrive)

·         Review of installing a package
·         Review of installing a nuc
·         Review of new bees care list
·         Hands on (2 hives) inspection.

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