Tuesday, November 27, 2012



I am once again offering for sale 5 frame deep nucs in the spring of 2013. I will only be offering spring made nucs this year with an expected ready date (weather dependent) of the middle of May. Prices will stay the same as last year’s prices. Please see attached documents for further information.

If you are interested please feel free to email me at DOUGLADD AT GMAIL DOT COM with any questions.

Payment must be made in full to hold a nuc. This was the same as last year and worked very well for all parties involved. First Paid First Served.

Here are the details:

- A plastic Jester EZ nuc box with strap and entrance plug
- No frame exchange
- A solid laying queen raised in 2013 from my Buffalo Queen Bee Line
- 5 solid deep frames of drawn comb , no foundation
- 2.5 frames or more of brood
- 1 frame of honey
- 1 frame of pollen/mix

Buying Nucs:
When comparing nuc prices make sure your comparing apples to apples as many sell 3 frame deeps, 4 frame deeps, 3 frame mediums, 4 frame mediums, 5 frame mediums. All of these are less than a 5 frame deep or 8 frame medium.

You also need to make sure you’re not getting a nuc made from a bought queen, if so just make sure you know this. There are many good suppliers and I can work with you if you want a certain breeder in your nuc, I have no problems with this, but you will assume any losses with an introduced queen etc. This is a one off basis and we can talk further if interested.

I am also open to having beeks come and inspect my hives, work with me, etc. I am selling bees to help people enjoy beekeeping while making some extra money for my family. I am not out here to sell and run. I will ALWAYS be here to help you if needed. Anyone who has worked with me, emailed  me, etc knows this.
                Queens come from the selected best of many different tested and selected sources from some of the top  queen breeders in the country. This list includes Dann Purvis, Glen Apiaries, VP Queens, Honey Run Apiaries, and Hunter Queens, amongst others.
                I have spent the past 4 years purchasing, selecting, and breeding what I find to “work” in my area of central Va. This has seeming provided me with a very versatile bee that not only produces honey but survives well under Varroa mite pressure and the seasonal extremes we see in Va.
                My bee’s temperament side closer to a Carni/Italian line with the  nice build up in the spring of the Italian while shutting down nicely during a dearth like the carni. The bees are gentle in nature as most anyone can attest who has worked my hives, but bees still sting…
                I also have my 2012 USDA test report if anyone wants to see evidence of my yards hygienic behavior and low (non-existent in the test) Nosema score…


Doug Ladd
Cell 804-690-7055


  1. As of 3/5/13 do you still have Nucs for sale?

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